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Opus Trust Communications provides tangible and durable improvements to communications within Public Sector organisations.

We combine tried and tested methods with the latest technology, to manage your essential post and mail processes in the most effective way possible, and offer a broad range of services: from variable data printing to bespoke print management for specialist communications.

communications every month

We send over two million communications every year for public sector organisations. That’s an average of four messages every minute

We distribute over 750,000 appointment letters and e-payslips every year for the NHS

NHS items every year

Your end users are our first priority, and we offer a promise on delivery for all your customer communications that means you won’t have to worry.

Our genuine interest in sustainability and our dedication to removing confusing, lengthy processes, means we can provide ease of delivery in a cost conscious, efficient manner and take your organisation forwards into the next generation of public service delivery. Operating within the OJEU / OJEC framework, Opus Trust Communications is able to comply fully with the procurement requirements laid out for public services by the EU. Our ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System (ISMS) ensures that all sensitive information is handled securely, giving you complete peace of mind.

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We’re reliable, compliant and secure. Our audit trails speak for themselves, and we’re proud of our seals of approval

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