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The HSS Group has worked with Opus Trust for many years to provide print and document storage services for the benefit of their customers and staff.


As part of their e-services requirement, the HSS Group needed a document portal that would connect to their main web pages in order for their clients to view and copy bills. The HSS credit management team also needed a portal for credit collection and copy bill requests.

Concurrently, HSS Hire had developed an in-house EDI and email delivery system for a number of end customers and Value Added Network (VAN) service providers. The solution was integrated into the HSS finance system and has since been in use for a number of years. Unfortunately as new requirements were identified and changes made to their own financial platform, managing this application proved difficult and time consuming for the in-house development team.


Through collaboration and continuous improvement HSS Group decided Opus Trust should develop this delivery method, which included the email delivery of invoices for their customers.

A process was agreed between HSS and Opus Trust for how the original print file could be used to generate the appropriate delivery channel. HSS insert a print delivery flag within the data stream selecting the channel method as shown below:

  • Email PDF invoices
  • EDI data to Tradex
  • EDI data to Bassware
  • EDI to Ariba
  • EDI Tradeshift
  • EDI to Tungsten
  • EDI data to Coins
  • EDI data to OB10
  • EDI to direct end customers

Where no delivery code is selected the invoices are processed via the print workflow.

As part of pre-processing within our document composition tool, an index load file together with a CSV file is generated containing a pre-set of data fields. This index load file is used to generate the EDI output. All data including the invoice PDF are loaded into TRUSTWEB®.

Opus Trust has developed a suite of programs that will run on a daily basis, querying the TRUSTWEB® database for new data that requires a delivery based on the delivery code. Once a set of data had been identified the XML output is generated and delivered to file transfer for delivery to the end customer.


  • Easily deliver a customer’s data to the appropriate VAN, transparently with no testing or set-up.
  • Minor configuration and end level testing required to enable delivery
  • A wide range of file transfer methods are supported for EDI delivery including AS2, SFTP, FTP
  • EDI delivery integrates with e-invoicing and traditional paper invoices

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