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Working together for the benefit of all

07 Jul 2017

In June, Opus Trust Marketing took part in a joint initiative by Royal Mail and the Strategic Mailing Partnership (SMP) looking at improving efficiency across the Downstream Access (DSA) supply chain by utilizing Kaizen methodology – a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement.

A five-day joint supply chain improvement programme was set up by Royal Mail in response to feedback at the SMP Technical Summit in March about the importance of improving operational efficiency across the supply chain. The event was attended by mailing houses, DSA operators and Royal Mail. The objective was to map the end to end postal supply chain to identify opportunities to improve process by removing activity that adds little or no value; and introducing improved ways of working across the supply chain.

After several site visits and intense workshops, over 50 ideas were generated and four key areas of opportunity were identified in forecasting, products, consumables and data.

Paul Brough, CEO at Opus Trust Marketing said: “As a member of the SMP Board, I was delighted to provide the Kaizen team full access to our facilities to help identify improvements that will ultimately provide an enhanced service for our clients. Working in collaboration stimulates partnership and improves outcomes for the industry as a whole. I was very proud of my team who hosted a visit to our operation and gave so much of their time and thought to the issues raised. The tour group saw our mail production, enclosing and dispatch process from start to finish which fed into the value stream mapping process.”

A Steering Board will be set up in due course to review the output from the exercise and monitor progress with stakeholders.


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