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Our Mailmark® History

14 Dec 2017

At Opus Trust we are innovators. We’re forward-thinkers and our in-house experts work tirelessly to keep up with the latest trends and developments. We’re proud of our experience and after 10 years of development, we were the first provider to go live with Royal Mail’s Mailmark® barcode back in 2014.

As others in the field prepared for the removal of Customer Bar Code (CBC) at the end of 2017, replacing it with Mailmark®, Document Services were busy transferring CBC customers to Mailmark® throughout the whole of last year.

CBC was originally introduced by Royal Mail to enable UK postcodes to be read easily by machines at high speed.

However, from January 1st 2018, Royal Mail withdrew CBC and as a result, clients using the CBC service had to move to Mailmark® to continue receiving their postal discounts.

Over £70 million has been invested by Royal Mail in Mailmark®, described as ‘the next generation of mail’. The Mailmark® barcode stores data which displays;

  • Supply chain ID – identifying the participants involved in the preparation and handling of the mail including the Mail Originator, the Mail Producer, the Bill Payer and the Carrier, accompanied by an eManifest
  • Mail piece ID – tracking the individual mail piece through the postal system.

The Mailmark® barcode is printed directly onto the mailing piece before it hits the postal system. As a personal report is generated each time a Mailmark® barcode is scanned, we’re able to check exactly what’s happening with our clients’ mail.

We began discussing the move to Mailmark® in 2007 and were the first mailing house to go live in 2014, using Royal Mail payslips as the launch product. Working with Secured Mail, we were the first to send Mailmark® letters via Downstream Access (DSA) using CCS Collect letters as the test product.

We’re proud to have a long-standing relationship with Mailmark® – our experience gives us a distinct competitive edge. As others made provisions for the changeover last year, we were comfortable in the knowledge that our Mailmark® processes, developed by our postal experts, were tried, tested and proven a long time ago.

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