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Opus Trust Hybrid Mail ensures it's business as usual

16 Jul 2020

As we all continue to adapt to new ways of living and working in an effort to help deter the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, this ongoing disruption has undoubtedly had a critical impact on the majority of businesses across the UK.

When the country first prepared to adjust to the restrictions the lockdown imposed, remote teams were forced to adopt robust communication and working practices in order to stay safe whilst also ensuring that none of their services were compromised and they could continue to operate business as usual.

As part of this, maintaining critical communication with employees, customers and suppliers has been a key consideration and one which has been supported by Opus Trust, through the implementation of our practical Hybrid Mail Solutions.

Sales and Marketing Director at Opus Trust Communications, Richard Farmer, comments: “The impact the nationwide lockdown had on our daily lives has been unprecedented. As a business we quickly implemented a working-from-home policy for our employees and set about supporting our customers.

“As we adapted to new ways of working, we had to ensure that not only our service, but the services our clients offer, remained uncompromised. Afterall, companies like ours which offer remote solutions have a vital role to play in keeping business functioning and communicating in these extraordinary times.”

Hybrid Mail is a simple process in which customers can create and upload documents, which are then remotely printed, posted and managed by the Opus team.

Facilitated through a highly secure system, users choose Hybrid Mail from a list and log in to a system using their secure password. Any supporting documents are added, and the client then selects their recipient data and the mailing service they want to use.

All print files are encrypted for additional security before being transmitted and sent to our manufacturing centre in Leicester for automated printing, enclosing and posting. Here, the documents are professionally printed, quality checked, and bar coded before being dispatched and tracked.

Richard added: “Fundamentally, our Hybrid Mail Solution offers organisations a method of getting vital information to the recipient as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition to a reduction in mailing costs, the solution can be accessed anywhere and be used at any time, giving clients the flexibility and reliability they need to send out critical correspondence whilst adhering to the Government’s lockdown measures.

“This product enables teams to work remotely and continue to be as productive as ever. Hybrid Mail is nothing new but investment in our systems and processes means that we are able to offer an enhanced service to the many clients that we work with.”

Further added value is peace of mind as there are robust audit trails, process integrity, quality controls and security measures, along with lower postage costs based on volume as we mail millions of documents every week.

Working with some of the largest organisations in the country, managing multi-channel communication solutions, we deliver Hybrid Mail alongside a wide range of digital and other print and post capabilities.