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Opus Trust announces the UK's first digital partnership with Quadient

12 Aug 2020

As a company that wants to deliver excellence for our customers, we are pleased to announce that Opus Trust Communications has become the first UK company to enter into an agreement with global customer experience specialist, Quadient.

Joining its Digital Now program, we will have access to Quadient’s global team of consultants whose expertise covers both traditional print and digital markets. In addition, the business will have enhanced capability to roll out end-to-end two-way digital solutions that can handle complex customer communications to improve customer experience and drive operational cost efficiencies.

By joining Quadient’s enablement program, we will accelerate the development and deployment of digital communication services. With the ability to understand and optimise each step of an organisation’s digital transformation journey, our team will identify and leverage critical opportunities for clients to improve customer engagement and communication processes.

CEO at Opus Trust Communications, Tony Strong, comments: “With a strategy to be the UK’s trusted partner of choice for omni-channel communications, building on our existing capability within the digital transformation space is essential.

“Becoming the first UK company to join Quadient’s Digital Now program will give us access to world class digital communication expertise that will further strengthen our impressive in-house digital skillset.

“This will help existing and prospective clients deliver excellent customer journeys, providing even more reason to make Opus Trust their communication partner of choice.”

Head of Group Solutions at Opus Trust, Chris Green, comments: “The obvious synergies between our omni-channel communications services and this initiative, will enable us to offer enhanced customer engagement of the highest quality and reduce our clients operational costs, by identifying and  removing friction within their customers journey.”

Vice President CXM (UKI) at Quadient, Stephen Dearing, comments: “We are extremely proud to welcome Opus Trust as the first UK company to become part of the program, and gain membership to the Quadient Digital Now club.

“As we have had a previous working relationship with Opus Trust, we already knew that the company shares our ethos in striving to achieve customer experience excellence. We understood that our innovative Digital Now program would be a major catalyst in helping Opus Trust realise the full potential of its digital service capabilities.

“With a global team of consultants, we can deliver tailored advice and training for Opus Trust, which in turn will ensure that its clients receive the highest quality of service.”


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