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Intelligent Solutions for Utilities Providers

25 Jan 2018

At Opus Trust, our comprehensive range of integrated solutions (TRUSTDOC®, TRUSTWEB® and TRUSTPOST®) ensures your outsourced communications journey is managed from data receipt through to message delivery. Infusing innovation with flexibility, our services are designed to drive customer engagement with the highest level of integrity to remain compliant.

Our origins stretch back over 30 years. We hold a wealth of expertise in the utilities sector, with clients ranging from Big Six organisations through to newer independent suppliers; plus water companies who service around 20% of UK households. In January 2018, we attended the Utility Week Water Customer Conference and the Utility Week Energy Customer Conference the following day.

The back-to-back events demonstrated how the water and energy industries are transforming. With this transformation comes changes to the ways companies connect with their customers and the expectations related to personalised services, experience and satisfaction. Sending 60 million communications every year on behalf of our energy clients, at Opus Trust we know that in a competitive sector, seamless customer experience is everything.  Sarah Bentley, Chief Customer Officer at Severn Trent Water, addressed how customer service can be improved through a variety of channels and emphasised the requirement for innovative strategies to drive customer engagement in the utility industries. From printed, physical correspondence to e-delivery, our dynamic data solutions mean we can match inserts and attachments to customer interests, so they only receive information that is relevant to them. We also recognise that every touch point has value and gives an impression of your brand, whether it’s a change to terms and conditions or a regular bill – we guarantee consistent branding and messaging across all communications.


The introduction to new technologies was a prominent theme across the two conferences. Linked to positive interactions, the capture of data means that companies can understand their customers more than ever before. Steve Harris, Energy Director at OVO Energy, addressed the adoption of new technologies in his discussion explaining how OVO will ensure a transparent and fairer deal for customers in the years to come. Sending over 1.5 million communications every month on behalf of water companies alone, we appreciate the demands of the sector. Our investment in the latest technology, means we can provide your customers with full channel choice – which should lead to a reduction in call centre traffic, less pressure on your resources and more satisfied customers. Louise Beardmore, Customer Service Director at United Utilities, debated the effective management of complaints and customer concerns, questioning whether company communications systems are flexible enough in times of incidents and emergencies. We have a special arrangement with Royal Mail that ensures that for matters of public emergency, Royal Mail will collect from us up until midnight for next day delivery to those affected, our one-off communications service, On Demand is also available for ad-hoc communications you can trust.

Personal data was also a topic throughout. Chris Harris, Head of Regulation at npower, balanced the use of customer data with the challenges of the requirement for privacy and security. As Ofwat and Ofgem regulate the utilities sector, security is paramount. We are ISO 27001 certified, with all our communications undergoing rigorous checks before they are sent. We can also provide traceability across all channels to validate delivery. We provide the specialism, systems and controls that enable our clients to adhere to regulations as well as customer preferences – our technological solutions can be easily adapted to accommodate change and they’re advanced enough to spot discrepancies, so incorrect bills are intercepted before they are sent.

Showcasing our core solutions, On Demand service and Print Management expertise, the Utility Week Water Customer Conference and the Utility Week Energy Customer Conference 2018 demonstrated the importance of customer engagement whilst remaining compliant. Get in touch today to explore how we can work with your business to deliver innovative and timely communications to your customers.


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