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E-payslips: Intuitive and Secure by Design

23 Aug 2018

Here at Opus Trust Communications, we generate and deliver over one million pay documents to UK employees every month. And now we’ve improved our e-payslips solution after recognising an increased demand for self-serve payroll solutions. Research from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) demonstrates the number of businesses using electronic methods for distributing payslips rose by 57% between 2014-2016. So, work with us to elevate your employee communications with e-payslips – designed with usability and security in mind.

Developed in-house by our own team of specialists, the solution provides employees with electronic versions of their payslips, as well as other payroll documents such as P60s and P11Ds. Our user experience is best in class, with a dedicated iOS and Android app, plus a secure online portal, for easy access to payroll documents in one place. With innovative functionality, employees receive a notification when there’s a new document to view. The system is fast, reliable and responsive.

Unlike other products, e-payslips offers fully branded configuration. See your company colours and logo on the screen as our standard offering, with additional customisation options available. With the option to send information directly to employees regarding pay arrangements, bonus payment details and emergency announcements, e-payslips contributes to an effective payroll department.

Implementing e-payslips is easy. Functioning as a standalone product, e-payslips doesn’t require the usual investment into a full suite of communication services; we’ll simply use your existing payslip data, supplied to us in any format, and output all pay documents digitally and in printable format. With deployment in less than a month, you can expect a fast and seamless transition between payroll cycles. Eliminating the need to upgrade payroll or HR systems, embrace digital transformation and enjoy ongoing cost savings each year.

Data is our priority, so you’ll always be in safe hands. We’re ISO27001 certified and all information is hosted in our secure cloud-based UK data centre and is fully backed up with disaster recovery management.

Download our ‘E-payslips, intuitive and secure by design’ information booklet from the Resource Centre for more information or get in touch to request a demo.


*Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) Payslips Statistics Comparison 2008 – 2016



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