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Don’t be caught out by unexpected surcharges

12 Dec 2017

You wouldn’t expect to pay an extra fee for your weekly food shop, after making your purchases. You also wouldn’t imagine having to pay a further charge at the cashier after seeing the price-tag. Here at Opus Trust Marketing, we understand how frustrating it must be to have additional mailing charges land unexpectedly.

As surcharges are avoidable, we’re proud that the correspondence we generate for our clients meets Royal Mail’s technical specification for machinable mail. Achieving the very best postal rates and eliminating surcharges, our TrustPost® solution enables businesses to maximise cost savings by ensuring postal compliance.

Compliance is key

Bad addresses and non-compliant mail in a batch can lead to the incursion of surcharges and the costs add up. That’s why our in-house systems developed by our very own postal experts, stream out bad addresses and ensure every mail piece is appropriate and set for seamless delivery. No mistakes, no surcharge hits!

Mailmark® expertise

From working alongside Royal Mail for nearly ten years to develop the Mailmark® 2D barcode system, we were the first mailing house in the UK to go live with Mailmark® for retail and downstream access in 2014. With some of the greatest understanding amongst UK mail producers of the Mailmark® barcodes implementation and use, our technical experts are widely regarded as some of the very best in the industry.

We’re proud to have a long-standing relationship with the Mailmark® barcode – our knowledge and experience drives innovation and proactive thinking. As others make provisions for the changeover to Mailmark® from Customer Bar Code (CBC) at the beginning of 2018, our Mailmark® processes, developed by our in-house specialists, are well established and have been running for years!

100% reconciliation

Our reconciliation systems are designed for 100% accuracy; recording every mail piece at every stage of its journey through production, enclosing and dispatch. So, when it comes to precise reporting, we are confident that your e-manifest matches delivery into the mail system.

Don’t be caught out by unexpected surcharges. Contact our TrustPost® experts today to find out how we can reduce your postal costs and support your audit trail.

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