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The Changing Face of Customer Communications

04 Dec 2017

Back in November, we hosted our own event partnered with Pitney Bowes and Royal Mail. Entitled The Changing Face of Customer Communications, the event included presentations from Royal Mail and Pitney Bowes, plus the Opus Trust team, and offered guests an insight into new communication channels; how they work alongside traditional channels; and the impact new technology is having on customer engagement.

Kick-starting the day, Paul Brough opened with a session focussed on channel choice, highlighting how technology has changed the way that information is consumed, and why the supply chain must adapt. He explained that it’s important for businesses to understand customer preferences, and ensure its communications are flexible enough to suit different audiences.

Stephen Agar, Managing Director for Consumer and Network Access at Royal Mail, discussed the technology being used by the postal service. This included the innovative Mailmark® barcode system, which offers numerous benefits to businesses, such as tracking and measurement. Stephen also emphasised the current relevance of mail, explaining that while mail has reduced in volume over the last 10 years, the significance of mail has improved because of its novelty value. Offering reasons as to why the continuation of mail is important, Stephen explained that if a business wants a customer to act, then mail stands strong as a key marketing communications tool.

Keith Dear, Strategic Account Director at Pitney Bowes Software, hosted a session on digital customer communications and engagement. He explained that today’s consumers are ‘connected’ (they know what they want and where to find it, and expect a personal service), and that it’s important for businesses to exploit the huge number of channels available. Providing demonstrations on chatbot, interactive video, augmented reality and self-service – Keith showcased a suite of interactive services including the Amazon Echo, which take customers’ experience to the next level.


Having invested around £2 million in new technology from Pitney Bowes to accelerate company growth and deliver strategic development plans; the new Pulse inserting system, and two high-performance Epic multi-format inserters demonstrate our commitment to high-integrity critical document outsourcing. So, the second half of the event showcased the new Epic machines. Guests including suppliers, prospects and clients, were shown a time-lapse video of the Epic machinery installation before being invited on a site tour to see the facilities for themselves. Posing in front of the mammoth 5 x 2 metres tall artwork which displayed each stage of the Epic process from data design to printing to collating and enclosing, guests later received a virtual copy of their photograph in a personalised TV pack along with a collection of Opus Trust videos!

Following the tour, lunch allowed the Client Services and Sales teams to network and demonstrate the services Opus Trust offers. A collaborative Q&A session, facilitated by Gail van Dijk, ended the day, focussing on long term customer engagement which demands intelligent channel choices. Paul Brough, Rob Alonso, Katie Sangster, Mark Hetem, Stephen Agar and Keith Dear sat on the panel and guests were invited to join the discussion, ask questions and share their thoughts on digital versus printed communications.

Throughout 2017 we introduced services including Print Management, E-payslips and On Demand and embarked on our Epic journey with Pitney Bowes.
Watch and enjoy the time-lapse video (Our Epic Journey) on our YouTube channel here.



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