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Creating efficiencies for home workers

07 Oct 2020

As the government recommends that employees work from home where they can, some businesses are facing ongoing challenges they never previously felt the need to address. A classic example is access to branded and compliant office stationery.

Only in a world that has been turned upside down does something so simple become a major headache. Not only do employees need branded stationery, but importantly access to professional and consistent materials to create continuity.

Furthermore, the inability to take advantage of cost-effective postal services can impact on an organisations budgets and should be another consideration.

Companies are never going to get the efficiencies they are used to from a commercial postal service. The time, resource and money it takes to stand in a socially distanced queue in a Post Office makes a simple task a laborious undertaking.

For the many organisations that face these challenges, Opus Trust Communications has a solution, its Hybrid Mail service. This provides customers with an efficient, cost effective approach to managing print requirements allowing employees to work remotely without compromising productivity.

Ensuring that changes to location are not a barrier to outputs, the service provides access to files that are encrypted and transmitted to Opus Trust’s manufacturing centre for automated printing, enclosing and posting. This means critical documents can be sent from anywhere, at any time.

Sales and Marketing Director, Richard Farmer comments: “The Hybrid Mail service that we provide gives businesses increased productivity by reducing unnecessary strain on resource by eliminating time consuming document printing, enclosing and mailing. This allows them to free up valuable staff time for core business activity.

“What we have found is that organisations that have been considering implementing this service are now recognising its true value. Never before has there been such an immediate need to put these practices in place and deliver a best in class service for all customers.

“The consistency of documents and comfort of knowing they are compliant is an important factor when sending business critical information to clients. In addition, having barcoding, track and trace and quality controls gives further governance to this process. As too does having access to a company that can pass on significant cost reductions thanks to sending out millions of pieces of post every day.

“We would urge those companies that have been considering this service to contact us and discuss exactly how it would benefit their business. After all, it could ensure that remote working is a productive and efficient option for their organisation.”

For further information about the Hybrid Mail service that is offered by Opus Trust Communications please access this informative video: