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Coronavirus - Business Update

16 Apr 2020

A message from our CEO

Despite these unprecedented times, we continue to deliver a full uninterrupted production operation. Our staff attendance rate in manufacturing is excellent and the attitude of our teams has been nothing short of amazing. Our priority is the health and safety of production staff and the continued delivery of excellent service to you.

We are helping a number of clients fast track the implementation of our hybrid mail solution, enabling their employees who are working remotely to do so more effectively, by utilising our secure technology to maintain vital customer communications whilst working from home.

Our on-demand and emergency communication services remain fully operational, offering a fast track option to our clients who need an especially urgent communication turnaround, whilst maintaining our highest levels of data security and output quality.

Here at Opus Trust Communications we continue to monitor the changing situation regarding Coronavirus. Official government advice is being followed. We have successfully introduced a robust Coronavirus Continuity Plan (CCP) which is helping us deal with the unusual challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic.

I personally chair our CCP group which meets twice a day to monitor the status of key areas of the business. Each key area (listed below) has a main owner, a first back up and second back up. The CCP comprises senior management and heads of department. The status of each area is reviewed in detail and corrective actions put in place if required.

  • People
  • Equipment (plant)
  • Equipment (IT)
  • Data Ingestion
  • Digital Communications (E-billing, Email, SMS)
  • Postal Operations
  • Consumables
  • HSE checks, cleaning & waste removal
  • Security

Due to the business-critical nature of the communications we manage for NHS, power & water utilities, local government, banking, financial services and other sectors, our staff are classed as Key Workers.

Remote working which is seamless and secure is well established for our non-production staff.

We are providing guidance and advice to all staff to promote best practice in line with official government advice.

We are protecting production staff by using appropriate measures regarding hygiene practices, social distancing and the provision of face masks and gloves in line with PHE guidelines, in addition to standard HSE workplace practices.

We are all facing significant changes to our working and personal lives during these extraordinary times. By working in close partnership with all our valued customers and suppliers to overcome the challenges of the Coronavirus crisis, we will enjoy an even stronger ongoing relationship. I will continue to provide you with regular, transparent and honest business updates.

Best wishes,

Tony Strong
Chief Executive Officer

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