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Opus Trust is the First Outsourced Communications Company in the UK to go live with EngageOne® Converse Software

09 May 2018

Across sectors, businesses are embracing digital transformation, and intelligent text messaging solutions are on the rise. Whether it be retail or telecoms, Chatbots are answering customer queries, providing payment break downs and strengthening relationships around the clock. When you’ve got a question, you want it answering quickly – so do your customers. As Pitney Bowes launch EngageOne® Converse, we’re excited to announce that we are the first company in the UK in our business sector to go live with the Chatbot software.

As specialists in intelligent, connected communications, we’re able to offer our clients a Chatbot solution which will drive efficiency, reduce cost and provide a dynamic customer experience. Messaging is an increasingly popular aspect of everyday life, with over 1 billion messages exchanged monthly between consumers and businesses on Facebook Messenger. Using EngageOne® Converse technology, we’re offering our clients the opportunity to build a rules-based Chatbot, driven by data and business logic.

Predictions suggest that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with enterprises without interacting with a human*, with 52% of millennials already actively using social media to resolve customer service queries. As Chatbots provide a platform for quick self-service, 55% of consumers welcome customer service chatbots as reducing customer effort is a #1 factor in retaining customer loyalty.

Chatbots typically work best in narrow self-service use cases where repetitive questions can be easily answered or the customer journey is relatively linear – as a result, a reduction in call centre traffic can be achieved almost instantly, maximising ROI. Available for 24 hours a day, Chatbot can update customer records in real time and can provide a personalised experience including images, video and promotional offers.  The customer experience can be further enhanced by utilising API links to external data sources or processes such as geographical maps and payment gateways.

As the only software currently on the market that can power both chat and interactive video experiences from one source, Chatbot sits comfortably within our suite of Interactive Services for a full omni-channel experience. Our model is usage-based with no API, per-message, or other confusing/hidden fees – stretching your budget further. The simplest bots, requiring little IT involvement or integration, Chatbot can be built and live quickly with ease.

Rob Alonso, acting CEO at Opus Trust, said, “We’re using EngageOne® Converse in two ways: firstly, for our own clients, so we can respond to them more effectively and dynamically. We can create engaging conversational experiences hosted on our website that direct our customers to the information they need, in real-time, answering queries on topics like e-payslips for example. Secondly, we’re extending our physical and digital product portfolio so our clients can offer EngageOne® Converse to their own customers, helping them meet customer demand in an innovative and relevant way.  Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we love that Marketing and Customer Experience staff can make ongoing changes to the conversation in a few minutes, not days or weeks, without relying on an IT team or a third-party vendor.”

Enabling customers to self-serve with automated responses is a highly effective way to handle queries. Customers access information easily, freeing up operating costs and maximising return on investment. Not only does the bottom line benefit, but brand reputation will be bolstered by improved customer satisfaction scores too.

*Source: Gartner


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