Store, retrieve and send transactional communications digitally using our TRUSTWEB® suite of e-services.

The benefits of trustweb®

Reduce paper usage, postal and distribution charges. Enjoy lower administration costs and get invoices paid faster to improve your cash flow and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO).


Gain instant delivery of customer communications and eliminate the need for physical document storage with our Electronic Document Management System. Customer self-serve reduces call volumes. Online document retrieval allows call centre staff rapid access to customer details; saving administration time.


Your data security is our priority. With best-in-class systems, secure log-in and password protocols we offer rapid, reliable document retrieval, with a full audit trail for complete peace of mind.


Give your customers and employees instant access to important documents electronically with our TRUSTWEB® suite of e-services. Designed to make e-billing, e-payslips and document management easy, TRUSTWEB® enables businesses to store, retrieve and send personalised communications quickly and efficiently.

With TRUSTWEB® you can:

  • Store and retrieve any document used in your organisation for example e-invoices, statements, credit notes, e-payslips, proof of delivery, dunning letters and sales order acknowledgements
  • Send email notifications and reminders, SMS text communications and transfer data via EDI
  • Report on log-in rates, registration counts, document views rates or activity relating to specific accounts

TRUSTWEB® features:

  • Document watermarking to distinguish originals from copies
  • Secure login, username and password protocols with 24/7 monitoring
  • ISO 27001 compliant for information security management
  • Restricted access on a functional, geographical or need-to-know basis
  • All documents are backed up for quick retrieval in case of loss or disaster

Our TRUSTWEB® services

Secure document scanning

Our secure scanning bureau allows us to scan hard copy documents, identify them using the scanner’s optical capture technology, index them and save them as PDFs. Hard copy files can be returned to you or disposed of securely.

Easy document storage and retrieval

From sales letters to emails, invoices to dunning letters, payslips to P60s – wherever you have a document that needs to be stored, shared or retrieved securely, you have the online Document Management System.

Fast, efficient email services

Cut costs, drive sales and improve customer service with a bulk email service. Email communications are fast and low cost, and can make the customer experience smoother by linking recipients directly to your online e-billing portal.

Instant SMS text messaging

Bulk SMS text messages are low cost and effective. When combined with online and offline communication channels, reaching your customers through SMS text messages can increase customer satisfaction and responsiveness.

EDI managed service

Increasingly, organisations require their partners to transfer data directly to their own platforms using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). We convert files into the required format and either submit for processing, or send directly into the trading partner’s system.

Retain control through monitoring

Wherever there is data, there is the opportunity to generate reports. Every function within the TRUSTWEB® suite can be monitored through reporting. Reports may range from weekly updates to details of scanned records, search queries or monthly email delivery statistics.


TRUSTWEB® integrates with TRUSTDOC® our document production service, and TRUSTPOST® our mailing solution. Whether your customers wish to receive their bills, statements or documents online or through the post, we can deliver.


For guidance on the most effective and engaging ways to reach your audience, our account management team are on hand to help. We provide management information after every customer communication, so that you can easily measure performance and work with us to increase customer satisfaction.


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