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14 Dec 2017

From January 1st 2018, Royal Mail will be withdrawing the Customer Bar Code (CBC) and replacing the product with Mailmark® after a £70 million investment. But, did you know, we were the first provider to go live with the Mailmark® barcode system back in 2014 – using Royal Mail payslips as the launch product?

At Opus Trust, we are proud to have worked alongside Royal Mail throughout the ten-year Mailmark® development process. As forward-thinkers, we invested in equipment and code development in 2013 ahead of the changeover, managed by our technical experts who are widely regarded as some of the very best in the industry. Responsible for developing our own barcode system alongside e-manifest handling, our technical team have some of the greatest understanding amongst UK mail producers of Mailmark® implementation and use.

CBC was originally introduced by Royal Mail to enable UK postcodes and Delivery Point Suffixes (DPS) to be easily read by machines at high speed. As a four-state barcode, CBC uses Royal Mail 4-State Customer Code (RM4SCC) barcode symbology and is made up of four bars, two of which extend upwards and two extend downwards. Collectively, the top and bottom halves can create 36 possible symbols: 10 digits and 26 letters.

However, to continue receiving postal discounts, a Mailmark® barcode is required on mail from the beginning of 2018. Described as ‘the next generation of mail’, the majority of output for Mailmark® uses a 2D datamatrix barcode. The Mailmark® barcode provides an extra dimension of information by storing more data which displays;

Supply chain ID – identifying the participants involved in the preparation and handling of the mail including the Mail Originator, the Mail Producer, the Bill Payer and the Carrier, accompanied by an eManifest to be checked against,

Mail piece ID – tracking the individual mail piece through the postal system,

Accurate predictions of mail landing allowing flexing of resource in contact and marketing teams.

The Mailmark® barcode is printed directly onto the mailing piece before it hits the postal system. As a personal report is generated each time a Mailmark® barcode is scanned, we’re able to check exactly what’s happening with our clients’ mail.

For organisations sending millions of letters each year, Mailmark® is Royal Mail’s state-of-the-art barcode technology. At Opus Trust, we’re Mailmark® experts and have been providing our clients ultimate control of their mail, precision timing and power reporting at no extra cost for years!

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